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2007 Winning Writer
Christina Fifield

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Storycove Award
Flash Fiction by Christina Fifield

Fiction Judge:
Author Janet Burroway
Professor Emerita
Florida State University






:: The Storycove :: Flash Fiction ::Sunday Drives Done Mojo Style

by christina fifield
2007 Storycove Flash Fiction Award

I thought it was gone.

It had been a few years and no one had grabbed my arm to whisper demented words of wisdom to me. No stranger had gotten out of her car, looked at me as if to say “Hi”, but instead said, “And the Daddy took the T-Bird away."

I wasn’t seeing any middle aged mothers wearing ¾ length, down coats, riding skateboards in the street, a duffel bag slung over one shoulder. I really thought it was over, and to tell the truth, I almost, sort of, missed it. One day I realized that I was bored with my life, and in figuring out what to do about it, I felt a pang of longing for the eccentric creatures that used to be drawn to me.

I was the Pied Piper of the Nuts. I emitted a melodic signal silent to all of the “slightly off” members of society, and they would flock to me, to impart words of wisdom from their own special world, or to just entertain me in order to keep me from being tired of my normal routine. After being privy to that every day, for so many years, it surprised me to learn that so much time had slipped by without me noticing that it was gone. It was Mother’s Day when I noticed, and it became part of the conversation at breakfast that day. My kids loved to hear the stories, but hadn’t really ever gotten to see my followers in action. I’m not sure they even believed that I was telling the truth.

My cousin drove home from the restaurant as part of my day of rest and relaxation. We were on the Parkway, when I noticed the driver next to us. Before anything could change, and no one would believe the story I would again have to tell after all of these years, I called out for everyone to look to my right. Our neighbor was driving a Jaguar convertible with only his left hand on the wheel. His right arm was flung across his throat and the fingers on that hand were dangling out of his window. He had the window cracked just enough to fit his digits through.

It looked as though he were strangling himself. I thought he was having an issue that caused him to be driving like that, but his face was relaxed as if he were out for a typical Sunday drive. He was undeterred by all of us gawking at his awkward position and as my cousin swerved to avoid hitting him because she had stared a little too long, she said, “ How is he out driving a car like that, on a beautiful day like this, and he doesn’t even have the top down?” I knew then that after a little magical thinking, my mojo was back.


Storycove Award Winner Christina Fifield

About Christina

I’m a very
young 37-year-old mother of 3 brilliant children.
I’m a freelance writer of articles and short stories.

My slightly off-kilter muses have graciously guided me into publication here and in the upcoming paperback, “Into the Unknown”, due out in December 2007.

I’ve created a blog dedicated to getting my readers to laugh at least once a day. I very predictable call it, “My Daily Laugh”.

During my rare moments
of free time,
I am working on a spiritually uplifting novel
titled, "Rest in Peace".


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