We found impish distractions
provide the on-line liniment needed by our brains.
We do require them in order to
a) not write, b) reward any writing done, or c) avoid writing completely.
--The editors of the Word Smitten Round Table
We realize you are on this page for one of three reasons.
a) You have not begun to write today and
    need an external nudge.
b) You have written enough today (more
    than 500 words, phat stuff, you go!)
c) You are daydreaming or decided never to
    write another word (no, say it's not so).
Impish Distraction

"A new winery
started in only 1998,
this 100%
Cabernet Sauvignon is producedů"
February 2002 Selections
--Robert Parker


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