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Welcome to Word Smitten
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Welcome to Word Smitten.

Autumn Edition - 2003

Welcome. Artist Gustav Klimt
Fall leaves appear on our horizon and we're bringing Gustav Klimt's painting of Adele to our front page. It gets us in the mood for apple cider, pumpkins, crisp fall days and reading a newly launched book from Little, Brown & Company:The Dogs of Babel. Dede Bergen reviews it for us.

Our two summer fiction competitions provided us with great seaside reading and we were pleased to include John Ravenscroft as this year's winner of The Storycove Fiction Award.

Author and educator Noy Holland acted as this year's fiction judge for The Ten Ten Award for Fiction and she chose Maria D. Headley as the winning writer.

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"There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are."
--W. Somerset Maugham

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"He did not know where a suitcase was, he disliked to pack, he needed his books, his typewriter was not portable, he was used to an electric blanket, he could not bear to eat in restaurants. His mother, with her daredevil charity was about to wreck the peace of the house."

Excerpt from The Comforts Of Home
Flannery O'Connor, circa 1947


Welcome to Word Smitten

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Welcome to Word Smitten

We write with the porch light on, expecting at any moment
that either truth or irony will appear on the doorstep.

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