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The Storycove Writers

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A p revious year's Storycove Award for Flash Fiction
went to
North Carolina resident Barbara Bamberger Scott. We published her story The Gingerbread House in our winter edition of WordSmitten Quarterly Journal (Vol. 1:4 - Winter 2004-05). Also featured in that issue were exclusive interviews with authors ZZ Packer and Chris Offutt. Storycove writers include Antony Davies (Animal), Cassandra R. Gonzalez (Sunday Struggle), Mandy Q. Racer (Smoke), Robin K. Reed (Sage Silence), Becky Ruff (Accident), Timothy Charles Smith (Roadkill), Urmilo Subbarao (Silence of the Lambs), and Jessica Szczepankowski (Smokes).

Enter your original unpublished short story in our annual Flash Fiction Competition.
Click for Guidelines
Deadline is May 1.
Our reading period:
February to May 1 each year.

Read our previous winners' stories.
  • Northern California resident Wendy Lestina. Our fiction judge, Peter Meinke, winner of The Flannery O' Connor Short Story Award, selected this divinely wicked piece.
  • British writer John Ravenscroft. Online and in Volume 1: Number 1 of WSQJ. Fiction judge Michael C. White had great things to say about this story when selecting it for the award.
  • North Carolina resident Barbara Bamberger Scott. We published her story The Gingerbread House in WordSmitten Quarterly Journal (WSQJ/Volume 4:4). Look for it in the winter issue, available at your favorite bookstore.
  • 2007 Storycove award to be announced in the fall. Deadline for your entry is May 1 each year.


~Storycove Flash Fiction Contributors~
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2007's winner and honorable mention

WordSmitten's flash fictionThe Storycove Writers
award-winning story

John Ravenscroft
Walking Upside Down

Honorable Mention

Gary Cadwallader
Stargazer Lilies

Amy Culberg

Andres Moxey
Waiting Room

Renee K. Nicholson
The Diners Club

2002 award-winning story

Wendy Lestina
On The Other Hand

Winner of the 2002 Storycove Award for Flash Fiction

Honorable Mention

Charles Dodd
Flirting With Danger
2002 Finalist

William Lyell
The Territorial Imperative
2002 Finalist

Rheana Rafferty
Your Friendly HMO
2002 Finalist

Storycove Contributors

Looking For Rabbits
By Maryanne Stahl
~author of~

Forgive the Moon

By Tim Ljunggren
~ founding editor of ~
Insolent Rudder
Literary eZine

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